NMM 2012
Nov 29–Dec 1

Rent a Sense Kim Dahlberg Rikard Sjöberg Varg Baris K (TR) Johan Antoni Mariadele Arcuri Olof Schröder Andreas Lübeck

Rikard Sjöberg
Friday, Konstmuseet

Rickard Sjöberg

Rikard, a native from Söderköping, is a jack-of-all-trades musician who toured the world with pop bands but also made some acclaimed ambient performances with his own electronica project Discolor. His new project, Soaring Birds, premiered with the finest company at this year’s Haute Culture Festival, and it sounded bloody great. Just as you’d expect from someone with Rikard’s CV, it was a wide spectrum of electronic music, downscaled and grande, ambient and danceable. At NMM the performance will be a little more improvised with his great collection of machines that go all the way from drum machines to a Theremin.