NMM 2012
Nov 29–Dec 1

Rent a Sense Kim Dahlberg Rikard Sjöberg Varg Baris K (TR) Johan Antoni Mariadele Arcuri Olof Schröder Andreas Lübeck

Rent a Sense
Friday, Konstmuseet

Rent a sense

Niklas Eriksson (Dr. Ont), Olle Petersson (Gimmelbop) and Ebba Salomonsson (Tonarvet) are at the moment one of the best hidden secrets of Norrköping. This trio electrified the invitation only audience with their only live performance to date at the Norrköping Kulturnatt. Some big impressions were made that night. We are certain that we will see and hear more of them in the future… why not now?

At NMM their performance will be improvised, both together and solo, carefully selected and processed with high-performance machines such as laptop to Modular synth via Omnichord.