NMM 2012
Nov 29–Dec 1

Rent a Sense Kim Dahlberg Rikard Sjöberg Varg Baris K (TR) Johan Antoni Mariadele Arcuri Olof Schröder Andreas Lübeck

Mariadele Arcuri
Friday–Saturday, Konstmuseet

Mariadele Arcuri

“A perfect mix of Art & Technology…” Mariadele Arcuri Rossoni, italian, civil engineer and mulier universalis (= renaissance woman 2.0), is 28 years old and works and resides in Sweden. She studied a master of science in Media Technology at Linköpings University, along with several art courses, and currently works as an interaction designer of an artificial intelligence interactive project at Linköpings University.

Her favourite media are sensor-based interactive software, electric circuitry, metal, photography, digital post-production, ink drawings and artificial intelligence. She has exhibited her interactive art, photography and new media work in Sweden (Norrköping, Stockholm) and the U.S. (Baltimore, Maryland). She has art directed a short movie that won several awards in Sweden. She has been a curator in nationally acknowledged art platform “Museet för Glömska”.