NMM 2012
Nov 29–Dec 1

Rent a Sense Kim Dahlberg Rikard Sjöberg Varg Baris K (TR) Johan Antoni Mariadele Arcuri Olof Schröder Andreas Lübeck

Barrier Miner

Barrier Miner is a cognitive linguistic journey through the pages of a regional newspaper from Broken Hill in New South Wales, published in October 1941.

Technical details:
To digitalize the material, the text is scanned and output to a optical character recognition software and then parsed through a statistical machine-translation software. Due to the characteristics of the algorithms, the text gets scrambled and distorted, leaving a synthesis of the three sources.

The sound is generated from a FM signal, output to an equalizer and two feedback plates and then sent through several formant filters with live timeline-manipulations.

Andreas Lübeck is a Swedish experimental artist, born in 1982. Currently living in Stockholm, he holds a variety of jobs.