NMM 2012
Nov 29–Dec 1

Rent a Sense Kim Dahlberg Rikard Sjöberg Varg Baris K (TR) Johan Antoni Mariadele Arcuri Olof Schröder Andreas Lübeck

Welcome to NMM 2012

This compressed, transitional and limited edition of NMM, the 7th since we started, display a new take on the old format 3 days & 3 nights.

At daytime we are very happy to announce our new host for NMM, the grand Norrköping Art Museum. At their beautiful Galleri 5 we exhibit installations such as Andreas Lübeck‘s monumental “Barrier Miner” and at the museum foyer we present a retrospective of Mariadele Arcuri and our new experimental online venture, NMM Gallery.

We have 3 live nights as well, on Thursday we visit our “hotel des artistes” The Lamp and the award winning restaurant Ardor for some sound/visual action with Varg & co. Small space, limited access… be there on time. On Friday we spend a “Night at the Art Museum” with the spectacular Soundtable Live and the sought-after DJ and producer Baris K from Istanbul. A exclusive night with very limited number of passes.

On Saturday we continue our exhibition at the museum and spice it up with talks and close this 2012 edition of NMM at the infamous Karateklubben where we host a room with Johan Antoni & friends. Expect the unexpected.

So, I guess we see you there.